This blog contains posts going back to 2008, but I moved everything over from another blog all at once (more or less) and that’s why they all look like they were posted over a period of days rather than years.

I wrote the preface and edited “Across this Silent Canvas” by Hubbard Miller, ISBN 0-9776263-0-X, published by Very Readable Books. It’s available on Amazon.com.
I’ve worked as a writer, editor and production manager for a number of publications and publishers, including Hudson Publishing Company in Los Altos, California; Psychology Today magazine shortly after it began when it was in Del Mar, California, and briefly for Holt, Rinehart & Winston in New York City.
My work has received numerous awards, including a Telly Finalist, the Award of Distinction from the International Television Association, San Diego (ITVA) and the Shooting Star Award from the American Corporate Video Awards. Non-fiction and fiction writing awards include three-time winner of the first prize for fiction from the San Diego Writers & Editors Guild, first prize in the Ursus Press short story contest; twice winner of first prize for nonfiction from the San Diego Writers & Editors Guild.
My stories have appeared in the San Diego Reader and in West Coast Review, the literary publication of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The erotic novel “My Totally Crazy Love Life” is available on Amazon under the pen name Laurindo Jones. Also on Amazon is the short story “Nikki, This Hollywood Life” using the pen name Vanessa Gordot. Ms. Gordot has plans to add a companion piece, “Zoë in Real Life,” if she ever gets around to writing the second half.
I have a B.A. in communications from the University of Washington and have completed additional work in advanced visual, video and graphic techniques. I also am an Extra Class ham radio operator.


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  1. rob johns

    Hi, i’d like a copy of your InData/Excel Tips please. thank you!

  2. Linda Wright Hawkins

    Is Ellen your sister?

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